Measure Marketing Value

Digital credentials offer more marketing value than traditional, paper based certificates. With our latest update you can easily quantify and review the value you’ve received.

Our update enables you to:

  • See how many impressions your website has gained from your certificates and badges.
  • See how many clicks your website has gained from your certificates and badges.
  • Estimate how much these clicks would have cost via paid marketing channels.
  • View the marketing value of your certificates and badges for all time.

To view the marketing value for your organization visit: the analytics summary page

Better Pricing

We’re excited to announce that we’re making Accredible cheaper. Instead of paying for every certificate or badge that you publish we’re offering annual plans that are predictable, stable and don’t restrict your usage.

Each pricing plan gives you a credit allowance each year, depending on how many credentials you need to issue – and, it works out cheaper than our old model. For example, if you’re issuing 5000 credentials per year that cost $4,400 on our old pricing model but just $2,040 on the new.

For full pricing information and to find out more visit

Search Attributes

With Accredible it’s easy to provide all the data you need to display on a certificate, badge or blockchain credential. With our latest update it’s easier than ever to search and find what you’re looking for. Our credential search:

  • Enables you to view which credentials have been made public or private by your students.
  • Let’s you choose which custom attribute you’d like to search within.
  • Still makes it easy to quickly locate recipients.

This update makes it easier to work with your any custom data you provide.
Read our help article on searching for more information.

Credential Layout Improvements

We’re always striving to make sure that our certificates, badges and blockchain credentials are as easy to understand as possible and that our user interfaces communicate in a simple and effective manner.

Our latest update brings improvements to these layouts:

  • Your branding is clearer on the credential.
  • It’s easier to see who the recipient of a credential and who the issuer of a credential is.
  • The sidebar has been redesigned to better communicate the actions a recipient should take.

View our example credential..

Credential Directory Improvements

The verification directory serves three important roles for your organization:

  1. Provides an easy way for third parties to check whether an individual has a valid certification from your organization – ensuring credibility of your credential holders.
  2. Provides a way for employers or clients to locate qualified individuals.
  3. Showcases your alumni and the size of your certification program.

We’ve released an update with various bug fixes and improvements to the directory. The highlights are:

  • Now viewers can sort by any column that you display.
  • Each row shows one recipient and one credential, making it easier to read than before.
  • Search, pagination and the directory speed has been improved.

Learn more about the verification directory.

Multiple Brands

We’ve made it easier to work with multiple brands.

If you have more than one in-house brand which should show up on different credentials, an alternate brand is a convenient way for you to change that brand information everywhere it appears – allowing you to use the same certificate and email designs without any extra work.

Now you can:

  • Add new brands to represent different stakeholders.
  • Set a particular brand for a credential group.
  • Better represent your brand and the brand of your partners.

Find out how to use multiple brands in your Accredible account.

v1.20 – Team Member Permissions

To keep up with compliance, prevent mistakes and get the help you need it’s important to have the right team member permissions set up for your colleagues. We’ve made it easier and simpler to add team members and control what they’re able to do with your credentials.

Now you can:

  • Select which groups a team member has access to.
  • Restrict a colleague’s access to billing, designs, analytics, email, etc.
  • Set team members to ‘view only’ mode.

We’ve also added the ability to log in to more than one organization, enabling you to manage more than one brand and keep different departments’ credentials separate.

Get help understanding and using the new permissions system.

EU Model Clauses – Data Privacy

We’ve just completed our work on a data privacy agreement based upon the EU Model Clauses and German data privacy law. We’re excited to enter into this agreement with any customer that wants piece of mind that their data is being protected to the highest possible standard.

It sets out the organizational and technical measures we use to protect your data and we’ve written a whitepaper on the agreement. Download the data privacy whitepaper.

v1.18 – Improvements

We’re always working hard to improve our service and make creation, management and delivery of certificates, badges and Blockchain credentials as easy as possible. A regular part of our work is to spend time fixing small bugs, making improvements and adding small features. In this update we’ve made many such improvements including:

  • You can set a groups credentials to be private by default.
  • You can prevent automatic acceptance of typo name changes.
  • We’ve added a social media button generator to the visual email editor.
  • We’ve updated the appearance of credentials when shared on twitter to be more attractive and flexible.
  • You’re now able to rotate your API keys.

Canvas Integration Update – Final Grade or Score

We’ve updated the Accredible – Canvas LMS integration so that you can better automate generation of certificates, badges and blockchain credentials.

When you connect Canvas to Accredible we automatically generate Groups for each course. After setting up the integration click onto the settings page for a particular Group. On the settings page choose whether you’d like students to receive a certificate based on their final grade, score or upon course completion. You may also select whether to automatically publish their credentials upon creation.

Click here to learn more about the Canvas LMS integration.