Backend Engineer – Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK

Compensation & Benefits

£45,000 salary.
Very flexible hours.
Remote work for up to 2 days per week (we’re flexible on times and places).
A close, dedicated startup team who are passionate about improving the education system and who are backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital investors.
2 hours per week (paid) to spend learning anything you like, even if it’s not related to your role, plus a budget to spend on learning materials. We love education and we believe in nurturing your growth!
A promise to invest in your growth personally and professionally. Wherever you’d like to go and whatever you’d like to do we’ll be there to support you.
Pension scheme.
28 days holiday.

Your Skills & Experience

Ruby on Rails experience. You’ve used Rails professionally for at least 2 years.

Learn quickly. You are able to quickly absorb and make use of new information. You can research best practices and make use of them.

Enthusiastic. You wants to learn and grow, and are excited to take on new challenges.

Independent Problem solving. Is able to independently solve difficult technical problems & provide solutions or work arounds. Asks for help when they need it but tries to solve things themselves.

Attention to detail. You don’t let let important details slip through the cracks that would slow or jeopardize a release.

Organization & Planning & Independence. You plan, organize and schedule in an efficient manner. You know which priorities are important and choose to work on those. You don’t need constant assistance but are able to ask for help when needed.

Accredible & The Role

Accredible is connecting education with economic value. We want hiring to be about what you can do, your skills and potential and we want education to be better at improving careers.

In the past five years we’ve built the best credentialing product in the world. Universities, associations, tech companies and others are able to create, deliver and manage tens of thousands of digital certificates and open badges with just a few clicks. Our customers include Google, UC Berkeley, and IEEE and we’ve delivered over 2.5 million credentials to over 3 million users.

Your role is essential to our success! You’ll be helping to build and maintain a back-end that serves over 250,000 users per month and millions of requests per month. Our customers expect reliability, stability and speed. You’ll be pushing updates every day to improve our codebase and be able to see instant feedback from our customers & users.

You won’t be doing this alone as we have a world-class product team you’ll be working with. You’ll have support from a designer, a front-end engineer, a senior back-end engineer and our Chief Technology Officer will be responsible for the work that you do. We’ll be expecting high quality work but don’t worry – you’ll receive constructive feedback and guidance on a regular basis.

You’ll have a lot of decision making power, autonomy and trust. We make decisions democratically and give team members the time, resource and authority to work on what they think is most important.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a fast growing, profitable startup where there are many opportunities to obtain promotions based upon merit, hard work and dedication.

Apply Here:

New and Improved Certificate Designer

We’re always striving to make Accredible the best it can be. Because of this we have made some pretty big improvements to our Certificate Designer, to make creating your beautiful certificates even easier.

To make sure that you’ve got everything you need to navigate the sleek new designer, Gemma has jumped in to show you exactly where everything is so you don’t waste time working it out.

If you have any questions or comments about the new designer, let us know at

A Model for Membership Organizations to use Both Digital Badges and Certificates

The question of where to use badges and where to use certificates can be challenging. Should an organization use just one, in which case which one, or should they use both? In our recent webinar with The International Association of Privacy Professionals, this very question came up, and they have developed a great model that we think is worthy of consideration by all membership organizations.

First of all, let’s recap on the two credential types.

Digital Badges

A digital badge is really a digital representation of a physical badge. It enjoys all the benefits of being digital, such as being sharable, verifiable, trackable, and having embedded metadata. Badges issued with Accredible are also compliant with the OpenBadge 2.0 standard, so they can be ported easily between platforms.

Designs typically resemble physical badges, as in the following example (although they do not have to):

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates are similar to paper certificates and usually look visually the same. They are available online and can be downloaded and printed, as well as enjoying the digital benefits described above for badges. Unique information (such as the recipient name, course details, etc) is usually visible on the certificate, unlike a badge. Additional information such as a transcript, work samples or references can also be attached.

iapp example certificate

How to use Both

To answer this question, let’s look at The IAPP again. In common with many membership organizations, the IAPP offers a range of formal training and certifications to its membership. An example is their “Certified Information Privacy Professional” certification. Before switching to Accredible, paper certificates were issued. It makes sense to use certificates (rather than badges) to recognize member achievement because:

  • Achieving the certification requires considerable effort over a period of time, and for the majority of users, a certificate with their name on it is perceived as more appropriate recognition than a badge
  • Traditionally this kind of achievement would have been recognized with a paper certificate and so there is better continuity when switching to this format
  • Many members wish to download and print their certificate for display, or to show to clients as evidence of their qualifications
  • Additional evidence such as work samples, transcripts, references etc can be attached
  • Details of the recipient, the course, the dates, etc can be displayed on the certificate


So how about badges? Most membership organizations engage with a variety of other people, be they members or not. They could be volunteers, employees, presidents, people who develop exam material, or volunteer board members. In other words they are people engaged in more specific service roles. For these people, badges makes more sense because:

  • They are a great way to recognize the contribution of these individuals
  • There is unlikely to have been anything in place beforehand, so there are no expectations to be maintained
  • They are less formal than a certificate


In using both, the distinction between the formal training and certification programs, and the less formal (but still important) recognition of contributions is maintained.

Accredible allows both certificates and badges to be designed, issued and managed from a single platform, so the above model can easily be adopted.

Full White Labelling Service Launched

When issuing credentials, many organizations wish to protect their brand identity, and ensure a seamless and high consistency experience for their users.

We’re delighted to announce that our new white labelling service that allows you to do just that, in an easy and cost effective manner.

The white labelling service makes core functionality available to all users, and adds more through a self-selectable premium feature. The core functionality allows you to:

  • Use your own logo within the issuer dashboard.
  • Provide your own banner image and description for your issuer page on the recipient website.
  • Control the header and colors used in emails sent to recipients (we already allow you to control the text).


The premium feature (available as a self-selectable add-on for all issuers) enables you to:

  • Provide your own vanity URL for the recipient website, for example
  • Show your own logo in the header of the recipient website
  • Control the footer content of the emails sent to credential recipients.
  • Let users see a branded version of the credential wallet, showing only credentials issued by you.


White labelling brings benefits beyond the immediately apparent ones of enforcing a consistent brand identity and professional presentation. People accessing the credentials that you have issued will feel that they are still on your site. As a result they will therefore feel more engaged with your organization, and more aware of the value that you provide. The legitimacy and value of your credentials will be enhanced since it is your organization, directly, that can be seen to be the issuer.

The premium feature enables the “Recipient Website Branding” page:

Configuration of recipient website branding

When viewing a credential, the page is branded with your logo, and uses your chosen URL:

Recipient page with white labelling

Should even more customization be required, we also offer a bespoke-level service, which allows control of navigation bar, footer, CSS, and changes to other page elements.

For more information on setting up white labeling, see our help page. To see pricing and get it set up for your organization click here. For more information, do contact us.


Accredible Gains Gold Award for Best Innovation in Blockchain Technology

Best Innovation in Blockchain Technology Award - Winner Badge

We were delighted to be awarded first place in the category Best Innovation in Blockchain Technology at the Reimagine Education Conference in San Francisco on 30 November 2018.

Jenn from Accredible receives the prize

Reimagine Education is an international competition rewarding innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes and employability. It’s aim is to reward those most successful in creating transformational educational initiatives, enhancing student learning outcomes and/or employability.

Awareness of blockchain technologies and the exciting possibilities created by them, has grown in recent years. As a consequence, experts in an increasing number of sectors are seeking to examine how blockchain might spark innovation in their own industry.

Reimagine Education introduced the Best Innovation in Blockchain Technology Award this year. The award is given to the startup, company, individual, school, or university that can prove that they’ve incorporated blockchain into an educational setting in an effective, and sustainable, way.

Danny King, CEO of Accredible, commented “We are absolutely delighted to receive this award. It is testament to the innovative use of technologies such as Blockchain within our digital credentialing platform, and our use of those technologies to deliver improved educational initiatives, learning outcomes, and employability.”

To try Accredible for free, sign up today and see how easy it is to issue digital badges and certificates online.

Our favorite five new features for November 2018

We’ve added a lot of new features and functionality to Accredible in our latest release. Here are our top five!

1. New Credential Page Layout

The new credential page is cleaner and easier to read:

We’ve introduced screen areas for new information to be added, such as other courses. You can also provide your own custom call to action and link, as shown middle right below:

2. Credential Privacy Indicator

Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference, and this much asked for feature will allow issuers to see the privacy status of their issued credentials, in the credentials list.

3. Contract Details View

Now you can see detailed information on your subscriptions and your entitlements, including your monthly cost, any adjustments, next month’s charges, and your balance.

4.Kryterion Webassessor Integration

Webassessor logo

Kryterion Webassessor is a leading testing platform used by some of the biggest names in education and technology.

We’ve built an integration to deliver world-leading certificates, badges and blockchain credentials from their platform. Automatically issue credentials for successful test takers and enable automated lifecycle management to handle recertification.

If you’d like to know more about the integration please contact us at

5. Additional Language Support

We’ve added support for: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese (TW) and Turkish. We already had support for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

Next on our localization list is the addition of Arabic, Hebrew and Malay.

If you’d like to request support for a new language then please just let us know via

Language selection dropdown