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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new product – Spotlight. Spotlight makes it easy for your create a data rich, searchable directory of all your alumni; like your own, branded LinkedIn.

  • Own and brand the professional hub for your industry.
  • Increase the employment rates of your alumni.
  • Gain insights on your alumni and what happens to them after your program.

“We’re on a mission to educate the next generation of social media pros with Hootsuite Academy. As a key pillar of our Academy strategy, The Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory gives organizations large and small a powerful tool to find the right people.” – Hootsuite

To learn more about Spotlight head over to:

Pricing for Spotlight starts at $795 per month. Book a demo with our team and purchase before the end of March to receive a 20% discount.

Better Value Pricing

What is the pricing change?
We’re offering more for your money by switching our per-credential pricing to be per-recipient instead. That means you can issue as many certificates and badges to each of your individual participants as you’d like without having to pay more. We charge based on the number of unique recipients you issue to.

Why are you making a pricing change?
By charging per credential we were limiting how you were able to use badges and certificates. We want to support micro-credentialing and provide more freedom in how you use our platform.

Give me an example
Sure! Let’s say you’re on our smallest plan and had an allowance of 200 credentials per year. Previously you could only issue 200 certificates and badges. Now you may issue as many certificates or badges as you like to 200 unique people per year. You may issue those 200 recipients two badges/certificates (or more) giving you 400 credentials without having to upgrade your plan.

For full pricing information and to find out more visit

Canvas Micro Credentials Have Arrived

You’ve been asking for micro-credentials in Canvas and you’ve got them!

This update:

  • Let’s you add multiple badges or certificates to each course in Canvas.
  • Enables you to use Canvas modules to specify when and how someone should qualify for a badge or certificate.
  • Makes it easier to setup and use the Canvas integration.

Read our updated Canvas integrated information here:

Watch the Canvas integration setup here:

Watch the student badge and certificate experience here:

If you’re using our existing Canvas integration with the Course placement then don’t worry! Everything will keep working and you can make this update whenever you’re ready. To use the new functionality you’ll need to reinstall the application.

Certificate and Badge Embed

It’s never been easier for recipients to embed your certificates and badges in their emails, websites and social media profiles!

Our new embed function guides recipients through the process of adding your certificate or badge. Embedded badges and certificates are now stateful. If you delete or expire the credential we make sure that the embedded image is updated.

Click here for a run down of the certificate and badge embed options.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory!

Use Azure AD to manage user access and enable single sign-on with Accredible to create, manage and deliver certificates, badges and blockchain credentials to your AD users.

  • Enterprise Single Sign-On – Azure Active Directory supports rich enterprise-class single sign-on with Accredible out of the box. Users sign in using their organizational accounts hosted in Active Directory.
  • Easy Configuration – Azure Active Directory provides a simple step-by-step user interface for connecting Accredible to Azure AD.

Click here for the Application overview.

Click here for a full tutorial on setting up Accredible on Azure Active Directory.

Credential & Wallet Redesign

Your Certificates & Badges just got better!

The Credential view, wallet view and user settings, have all been restyled and harmonized to provide a clearer, easier to use experience. You can view an example digital credential here.

    • Credential and wallet have a recipient header that shows an avatar and the name of the recipient.
    • The experience is fully responsive working from mobile phone up to 4K screen sizes.
    • Our responsive menu is easier to use, smaller and less impactful.
    • The wallet view can be viewed by issuer or year of issue.
    • Transcripts are easier to print.

Over the coming months we’ll continue work on improving the experience for your customers.