Stephen Buckley

Credential Consultant

Stephen Buckley, Management Consultant, has many years of consulting experience with PriceWaterhouse, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and, latterly, IBM, primarily in change and workforce management. Subsequently, he established himself as an independent consultant and then joined Accredible to help establish their Professional Services Practice. Stephen was one of the founders of the IBM Digital Credentials Program, leading the program for the 100k strong IBM Consulting Practice globally. He has designed and launched credentials for topics as diverse as software testing, design thinking, industry skills, coaching, industry eminence, etc., and has expertise across all aspects of digital credentials based on real life experience. Stephen's passion for digital credentials was driven by the challenges of managing large workforces. Credentials are a very tangible way of ensuring people have the required skills - they can be used for a variety of workforce actions such as recruiting, onboarding, skills development, reskilling etc. The challenge is in designing credentials that have the required impact. This is where Stephen's experience and expertise makes a real difference in advising clients seeking to develop world class credential programs.

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