Product Updates

We're constantly improving our product to ensure that we deliver the world's best digital certificates and open badges.

v1.20 – Team Member Permissions July 2017

To keep up with compliance, prevent mistakes and get the help you need it’s important to have the right team member permissions set up for your colleagues. We’ve made it easier and simpler to add team members and control what they’re able to do with your credentials.

Now you can:

  • Select which groups a team member has access to.
  • Restrict a colleague’s access to billing, designs, analytics, email, etc.
  • Set team members to ‘view only’ mode.

We’ve also added the ability to log in to more than one organization, enabling you to manage more than one brand and keep different departments’ credentials separate.

Get help understanding and using the new permissions system.

EU Model Clauses – Data Privacy July 2017

We’ve just completed our work on a data privacy agreement based upon the EU Model Clauses and German data privacy law. We’re excited to enter into this agreement with any customer that wants piece of mind that their data is being protected to the highest possible standard.

It sets out the organizational and technical measures we use to protect your data and we’ve written a whitepaper on the agreement. Download the data privacy whitepaper.

v1.18 – Improvements June 2017

We’re always working hard to improve our service and make creation, management and delivery of certificates, badges and Blockchain credentials as easy as possible. A regular part of our work is to spend time fixing small bugs, making improvements and adding small features. In this update we’ve made many such improvements including:

  • You can set a groups credentials to be private by default.
  • You can prevent automatic acceptance of typo name changes.
  • We’ve added a social media button generator to the visual email editor.
  • We’ve updated the appearance of credentials when shared on twitter to be more attractive and flexible.
  • You’re now able to rotate your API keys.

Canvas Integration Update – Final Grade or Score June 2017

We’ve updated the Accredible – Canvas LMS integration so that you can better automate generation of certificates, badges and blockchain credentials.

When you connect Canvas to Accredible we automatically generate Groups for each course. After setting up the integration click onto the settings page for a particular Group. On the settings page choose whether you’d like students to receive a certificate based on their final grade, score or upon course completion. You may also select whether to automatically publish their credentials upon creation.

Click here to learn more about the Canvas LMS integration.

v1.17 – Blockchain Credentials June 2017

We’re excited to announce you can now securely issue your credentials with our pioneering Blockchain technology. When this option is enabled, a permanent record of your credentials is cryptographically sealed into the blockchain. What does this mean? Third parties viewing those credentials can be absolutely certain a record has not been altered, providing an ironclad defense against fraud.

It’s easy to use and is included in your current pricing – it doesn’t incur any additional cost.

What is the Blockchain?
The Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Accredible uses the Bitcoin Blockchain to store an immutable record of credentials. Anything that we write to the Blockchain can’t be altered in the future by any party.

How does the Blockchain prevent fraud?
Once we’ve recorded a credential on the Blockchain it cannot be altered, faked, or spoofed. If someone attempts to create a credential that looks like your credentials it won’t verify against the Blockchain record.

Learn more about Blockchain Credentials and see how easy they are to create. View a Blockchain example certificate.

v1.16 – Recertification, Bulk Update & Spreadsheet Upload May 2017

We’ve revamped the credential creation process so that you can:

  • Re-certify recipients via spreadsheet upload. Just update the expiry date and we’ll do the rest.
  • Update existing credentials en-masse. Using your own records or an export from our platform.
  • Upload spreadsheets of any format. There’s no need to use a template or follow our column naming – just upload your data and then tell us what each column represents.

We’ve updated our documentation on creating credentials and updating credentials to walk you through the process.

v1.15 – Security Hardening May 2017

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks making sure our security is bulletproof!

Alongside improving our policies we’ve deprecated some SSL cyphers that drop support for older browsers but ensure that we’re better protected.

v1.14.1 – Japanese Locale May 2017

We’re excited to announce support for Japanese recipients!

Now we support credential delivery to recipients in English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

v1.14 – Email Customization and White Labelling April 2017

Take control of your credential communication with our new email editor. Our visual email editor lets you:

  • White label all emails sent to certificate and badge recipients.
  • Customize the content of any email.
  • Customize the call to actions in your email.
  • Specify a particular email template for any course or achievement.
  • Use an email template for multiple groups with just one click.
  • Localize email templates.

We’ve also taken steps to improve email deliverability and have provided more consistent, visually appealing email templates.

Want to learn how to use the new email editor? Click here.

v1.13 – Recipient Verification Directory March 2017

We’re very excited to announce our new recipient verification directory! It offers a complete and flexible solution for certificate verification and finding certified professionals.

The directory enables you to: showcase your alumni and let third parties verify the authenticity of a certified individual without the need to call you.

The directory is completely customizable and easy to use:

  • You can choose whether a search is required before displaying certificate recipients.
  • You can choose which fields are shown in the results table.
  • You can choose which fields are used in the search form.
  • You can choose which groups (courses) are hidden from the directory. 
  • You’re able to easily customize the appearance.
  • It’s easy to embed the directory in your website.

Want to learn how to activate and use your directory? Click here.

v1.12 – LinkedIn Update March 2017

LinkedIn recently announced a change to their Add to Profile feature where certificate recipients are able to add their certificates to their profiles with one click. This announcement removes the feature and requires the recipient to manually enter the certificate information. With their new interface there is no way to auto-fill certificate information. You can find out more here:

This update has been propagating gradually to LinkedIn users over the past few weeks as they release their new interface.

We’ve released an update to Accredible which helps recipients with this change. We’ve added an easy set of instructions and a simple interface for them to copy and paste their information to LinkedIn. In addition we have one click social sharing on over 200 platforms, including LinkedIn.

Here’s our video guide:

v1.11 – Attributes March 2017

Custom Attributes now have been separated from Certificate Designs. This means that getting data into Accredible and managing your data is much easier.

Previously the Certificate Design dictated the fields available when creating Credentials – So the [attributes] you added to a Certificate Design would then show when creating credentials.

Now all Custom Attributes are available throughout the platform. Regardless of Certificate Design, Group etc. This is much closer to a standard “mail-merge” feature.

You can manage your Custom Attributes on the settings page. For example, you may add the following Attributes to your account:

* Partner Name – text
* Partner Logo – image
* Practical Exam Date – date

These new custom attributes will now be available to you whenever you add Credentials, regardless of the group. They are also available on the Certificate Design in an easy selection interface.

v1.10 – Guides February 2017

We’re excited to announce that Accredible is easier to learn!

We’ve added six walkthrough guides and a new help video to teach you how to get started: creating certificates, making a certificate design, branding an email, customizing your social media settings and using badges. You can access the guides at any time on your dashboard

v1.8 – Portrait Certificates and International Paper Sizes January 2017

More news from the Accredible Product Team!

We’ve got another update for your digital credentials!Now you can make your certificates portrait in orientation and select different paper sizes. We’ve added some templates to help you get started. If you previously had a US Letter size template and always wanted an A4 template, you can finally make the switch, and the update should take no time at all.

Watch the video to see all the changes to the Design Editor

v1.7.2 – Canvas Integration & Customizing your Recipient Experience January 2017

Great news from the Accredible Team,

We have a new Canvas LMS integration which you can use to automatically sync course data and generate credentials:

In addition, you can now customize your recipient experience:

  • Change which features are visible to people viewing your certificates and badges.
  • Disable features that you don’t want recipients to use.

Here’s our video walking you through how to update the recipient experience:

v1.7 – Better Sharing and Privacy December 2016

More great news from the Accredible Team,

We’ve made your digital certificates and badges easier to share and given you more control over how they appear on social networks and search engines:

  • Recipients can share on 200+ social networks.
  • Viewers can follow your social media accounts from a certificate or badge.
  • Recipients can embed credentials on their websites and blogs.
  • You can customize branding and text accompanying a shared credential.
  • Credential URLs are obscured for better privacy.

Here’s our video walking you through the changes:

v1.6 – Mozilla Open Badges are here! October 2016

Hello from the Accredible Team!

We’ve added Open Badges to your cloud hosted Credentials! You can create, manage and deliver Mozilla Open Badges alongside your Digital Certificates.

Open badges are an online standard for recognising and verifying learning. They allow recipients to use an image to quickly show off their skills and achievements. They’re perfect for achievements where a Certificate doesn’t feel appropriate. Read more on and

Here’s our video walking you through the changes:

v1.5 – Design Editor October 2016

We’ve made your cloud hosted certificates even better! Here’s a quick update on what’s new:

  1. We’ve redesigned the certificate designer to be more stable and easier to use.
  2. Preview certificates no longer show up in your analytics and counts. They also disappear after a week.
  3. You can customize the message that’s shown when a certificate has expired.

We’ve got a full video of the changes here: