Product Updates

We're constantly improving our product to ensure that we deliver the world's best digital certificates and open badges.

v1.10.0 – Guides

We’re excited to announce that Accredible is easier to learn!

We’ve added six walkthrough guides and a new help video to teach you how to get started: creating certificates, making a certificate design, branding an email, customizing your social media settings and using badges. You can access the guides at any time on your dashboard

v1.8.0 – Portrait Certificates and International Paper Sizes

More news from the Accredible Product Team!

We’ve got another update for your digital credentials!Now you can make your certificates portrait in orientation and select different paper sizes. We’ve added some templates to help you get started. If you previously had a US Letter size template and always wanted an A4 template, you can finally make the switch, and the update should take no time at all.

Watch the video to see all the changes to the Design Editor

v1.7.2 – Canvas Integration & Customizing your Recipient Experience

Great news from the Accredible Team,

We have a new Canvas LMS integration which you can use to automatically sync course data and generate credentials:

In addition, you can now customize your recipient experience:

  • Change which features are visible to people viewing your certificates and badges.
  • Disable features that you don’t want recipients to use.

Here’s our video walking you through how to update the recipient experience:

v1.7.0 – Better Sharing and Privacy

More great news from the Accredible Team,

We’ve made your digital certificates and badges easier to share and given you more control over how they appear on social networks and search engines:

  • Recipients can share on 200+ social networks.
  • Viewers can follow your social media accounts from a certificate or badge.
  • Recipients can embed credentials on their websites and blogs.
  • You can customize branding and text accompanying a shared credential.
  • Credential URLs are obscured for better privacy.

Here’s our video walking you through the changes:

v1.6.0 – Mozilla Open Badges are here!

Hello from the Accredible Team!

We’ve added Open Badges to your cloud hosted Credentials! You can create, manage and deliver Mozilla Open Badges alongside your Digital Certificates.

Open badges are an online standard for recognising and verifying learning. They allow recipients to use an image to quickly show off their skills and achievements. They’re perfect for achievements where a Certificate doesn’t feel appropriate. Read more on and

Here’s our video walking you through the changes: