When researching credentials, you should have every good source of truth available to you. That's why we've put together a collection of non-Accredible resources we would want if we were searching for digital credentialing software.

Note: This is not an endorsement of the digital credentialing platforms and products listed in the resources below. Some products and platforms mentioned are no longer operational, and some could be considered Accredible's competitors.



Making micro-credentials work for learners, employers and providers

Emeritus Professor Beverley Oliver
Deakin University

A useful whitepaper on Micro-Credentials, with a helpful glossary of terms and acronyms for those new to the micro-credentialing space. The whitepaper covers credentialing trends in education, and tips on building trust, adding value, and achieving sustainability with micro-credentials.

A comprehensive whitepaper looking at the practicality of digital credentials in the academic space. This whitepaper is intended for a general audience and describes some of the technology choices and state of thinking for the Digital Credentials Consortium. The consortium is a multi-national group of like-minded Universities including UC Berkeley, Technologico De Monterrey, University of Toronto, Harvard University, Delft University of Technology, TU Munich, and more.

A whitepaper detailing how digital credentials could support global recognition of education and achievement, with sections dedicated to new and emerging trends in the digitalization of credentials, and seven key implications for the recognition of learning.

A good, short overview of badging as it relates to professional development. This two-page document covers what digital badges are, how they work, why they are significant, possible downsides, trends, and the implications of badges for professional development.

Digital Credentials

Dr. Stefan Brands
Credentica Inc.

An early whitepaper on the use of and use cases for digital credentials. This whitepaper is a good indicator of some of the foundations for the digital credentialing space that have led to where digital credential technology is today.

Whitepaper on Open Badges and Micro-Credentials

Bart Kerver
Daphne Riksen

A whitepaper detailing multiple scenarios on how digital badges and micro-credentials can function, covers working with badges, and offers possible issues that can prompt digital credential discussions within your organization.

Open Badges for Lifelong Learning (Working Document)

The Mozilla Foundation
Peer 2 Peer University
The MacArthur Foundation

A working document from the leaders in open badging standards that explores open badge ecosystems as a way to support skill development and lifelong learning for real results.

A very well-referenced whitepaper on the practicality of digital credentials in the creative space.

A graduate study on the use and effectiveness of open badges. The study includes survey and interview findings, recommendations for digital badge platforms in the summary findings, and contains a wealth of information on digital badging technology.

A set of four quick case studies on the use of digital badges in and around Pittsburg education institutions and organizations. It offers a good outside look at different digital badge programs, with additional linked resources.