Creating a Group

Welcome to Accredible

Whether you’re making the switch from paper certificates, moving from in-house production or just starting a new course from scratch our getting started guide will handhold you through the whole process of setting up your Accredible account from sign-up to issuing your first batch of certificates.


In this guide you will learn to:


  • Create new groups to hold courses/credentials
  • Design a certificate/badge in Accredible
  • Set up & customize your delivery emails
  • Add your branding
  • Link your social channels
  • Customize your recipient experience
  • Prepare your data
  • Issue a batch of certificates


Back to Basics


Accredible is an online platform that can help you manage, host and issue your credentials. You can use Accredible to issue both Digital Badges and Digital Certificates to your recipients.


First things first, If you haven’t already, you are going to need to sign up for an Accredible account here. Signing up is free and you start with 10 credits which you can use straight away.


Just fill in the brief details required, verify your email and then come back to this page for the next steps. (if you’ve already signed up, please skip to the next section)


Lesson 1) Creating a Group


In this lesson we’re going to look at setting up your first group. A group is a place for you to store, manage & issue the credentials for a specific course, accreditation, event or achievement. Ideally you want to create a group for each different course or accreditation that you offer.



Below is an example of some groups that have been created within Accredible. We can see that this issuer runs three courses and, as such, they have set up 3 groups, one for each course.  

To view the above section in your account just hover over “groups” in the top menu and select ‘View all Groups’. Although, right now, it might look a little empty… 🙁

So let’s change that! To set up a new group follow these steps:


  1. Head to the top menu and hover over “Groups”, select “+ new group” from the drop down menu. Or if you are in the “All Credential Groups” section just hit the ‘+ Add credential group’ Button in the top left hand corner.


  1. Now start filling in the group information on the group settings page. You’ll need the following:   * A group name – This should be the exact course or achievement name (This is important as it will potentially be pulled onto the certificate design, you’ll learn more about this later)                                                                                                                               * A group identifier – This is an internal code for you to use to identify the group it could be something like a module code or Accreditation number.                                                      *  A course description – This will appear below the credential when its viewed, it should be a good summary of the credential you are offering
  2. Then choose whether you are listed as company/association or a school/univerisity on Linkedin. This will affect whether the credential is added into the education section or the certification section on Linkedin. (read more about this here)  
  3. Next add a url in the course link section. This will appear below the credential and is a great way to drive traffic back to your site.
  4. Select the Language you wish to use (Skip this step if English is required)
  5. Enter in some learning outcomes. These also appear below the credential and give both students and public viewers of the credential a quick insight into what was learned by achieving the credential. Type each one individually.           
  6. You’re done! Hit save in the bottom right hand corner and your first group is set up! Just rinse and repeat for any other courses that you have.


Although your group is now created, we’ve got a few things to add before its complete. Next we need to look at creating some credential designs that the group can use. Start lesson 2 – Creating a Certificate Design.



Only interested in badges? No problem, skip straight to badge design by clicking here.