Event Partnerships

With digital events here to stay, how can you entice your registrants to complete their attendance and promote social sharing?

Physical badges and show photos are gone, but that doesn't mean your events should lose out on social promotion from attendees - and social referrals.

With Accredible's digital badges and certificates, your attendees can receive professional, perpetual, verifiable, and socially sharable evidence of their event attendance.

Accredible is proud to offer partnership opportunities to event coordinators and hosts. With an Accredible partnership, your speakers, attendees, and any category winners get secure, sharable, verifiable badges and credentials - at no cost to you. Digital badges and certificates go beyond replacing the traditional experience of saving a physical badge - they are perpetual digital evidence designed to be shared, easy to manage, and directly drive engagement.

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How Event Partnerships Work

First, send a request to our event partnerships team using the form on this page. The partnerships team will send you a response within three business days.

When a request is approved, Accredible's event partnership team will work with contacts at your organization to determine credential designs, timing and issuance, recipient messaging, and will assist your team in preparing digital credential copy and promotional content for the event.

If your partnership is approved and you host annual, semi-yearly, or quarterly events, the Accredible partnership will extend to those events.

While our team is capable of launching an event partner program in just a few days, we ask that requests be submitted at least one month in advance. This lead time helps the team deliver the best possible product for your attendees and speakers, and ensures you have enough time to promote the credentials prior to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I partner with Accredible if I charge my attendees?
Yes. Paid events are eligible for Accredible partnerships.

Does Accredible only partner with education event hosts?
No. Our event partnerships are available to all, subject to approval by the event partnerships team.

Who designs the digital credentials?
Partners are encouraged to provide their own credential designs and to understand how the credential designer works. For large events, the Accredible team is fully capable of creating designs from scratch that meet event partner's needs.

What do the credentials look like?
Credentials will differ depending on the event host and the type of credential being issued. In general, credentials will look how you want them to look. Check out the Typical Badges and Certificates section for more information.

Who issues the credentials?
Accredible handles all credential issuance. Partners only need to provide an import file for the partner team to generate certificates and badges on the Accredible platform. When credentials are published, recipients are automatically emailed through Accredible's system.

Attendance Certificates and Badges

Attendance Certificates and Badges are the most common use of digital event credentials. These credentials are generally issued after a show ends, as evidence that the attendee took part in the event. Attendance Certificates and Badges generally include the event name and attendee name, event branding, and sometimes an issue date.

Attendance credentials will make up the bulk of event credentials issued, as well as the bulk of social shares and social referrals. Attendees receiving credentials are encouraged to share the credential on LinkedIn and other social sites, right in their credential email and on their credential page. LinkedIn shares are generally the most effective referral channel, and many attendees and presenters use their LinkedIn share to promote specific sessions and experiences from the event.

Common Event Badges and Certificates

Awards and Category Winners

Many events include competitions, even if the event isn't centered around that competition. For competition-centered events like Reimagine Education, rewarding winners is a key need. Award and category credentials are lower volume and generally more unique than credentials issued to attendees. Award credentials are generally given to finalists, semifinalists, and overall winners. Depending on the nature of the competition, award credentials may include a company or team name, individual recipient names, the competition name and placement, and award date and year. The challenge hosts and sponsor logos feature prominently on award credentials.

Awards earned by teams and organizations are generally embedded on that company or team's website, shared in blog posts, and used in email signatures. Accredible highly recommends that event hosts work directly with winners post-event to ensure the winners share and embed their awards as much as possible.

Special Accolades

In many cases, event hosts will want to issue special accolades to certain attendees, speakers, or attendees that complete in-event training. Like the AAE Congress credential here, most special accolade credentials will contain the name of the recipient, name and event logo, prominent description of the accolade or accomplishment, date and year given, any requirements to receive the accolade, and a signature from instructors or hosts.

Special accolades generally have higher social sharing rates on LinkedIn and Twitter than attendance certificates, due to the nature of the accolade itself.

Why Accredible

We've partnered with dozens of event organizers to deliver digital credentials, free of charge. We know how to successfully design, promote, and implement digital credentials that will engage your target attendees.

Accredible's social sharing options are the best on the market and include high-profile options for recipients to share credentials on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and more. Our philosophy is that sharing certificates and badges should benefit both the issuer and the recipient, be devoid of roadblocks, and that the experience should be intuitive. What that means is, unlike other platforms that prohibit recipients from sharing until they create a separate platform login AND give it full permissions to their social accounts, Accredible enables credential holders to add their certifications to LinkedIn and other platforms with one click; immediately updating their profiles after receiving their credentials.

What results do partners see?

ASU GSV, an Accredible Event Partner, hosts an annual, five-day conference for the learning and talent innovation community. See their credential shares for ASU GSV on LinkedIn, or check out the performance figures below.

ASU GSV's Credential Performance: