Save Time and Money by Moving Your Credentials Online

Switching to digital credentials saves money over traditional print certificates, but also cuts production time by almost 90%. Find out how switching their certification program to Accredible helped one issuer cut their costs and save hours of employee labour.


How Accredible Saves You Time & Money

Automate Issuance

Upload a spreadsheet of more than 10,000 recipients and create credentials for every single one in minutes.

Your certificates can create themselves! Integrate your systems to automate the creation and delivery of your credentials based on whatever criteria you want (course completion, exam grade, etc.).

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Easy Management

Let recipients correct misspelled names - and maintain approval control.

Recipients can get their own PDF backup and can print their own copy at any time.

Recall, edit, or expire a credential at any time.

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Digital is Easier & Cheaper

Paper certificates are expensive to print and to mail.

Unlike paper certificates, the design and information (like misspelled names) can be updated at any time, even after issuing.

Recipients can't lose them, and we handle the first-line support if the recipient has any questions.

Who is the Digital Marketing Institute?

The Digital Marketing Institute is the world’s leading professional institute in the field of Digital Marketing. Working closely with expert-practitioners, the Institute promotes best current practice, theory and applied skills in Digital Marketing for individuals and organizations.

- 6k Graduates / yr
- Recipients in 80 Countries
- $50,000 saved on printing / mailing costs to date

Drastic Reduction of Certificate Issuer Costs

With an international clientele, Digital Marketing Institute was spending lots of money on printing and shipping certificates that would not always make it to their recipients.

Their certificates were costing an average of $9.12 each (without their labour costs), and, with more than 15,000 certifications to issue and manage, the costs of their certification program could easily reach six figures.

Issuing more than 6000 digital certificates with Accredible has saved Digital Marketing Institute upwards of $50,000 to date.

A Huge Reduction of Employee Time Spent

Time formerly spent making, printing, and mailing certificates, or managing support requests from certificate recipients now takes Digital Marketing Institute a fraction of the time it did before switching to Accredible.

“For every batch of Professional Diploma paper certificates, at least one full day of work would be required by a staff member.”

Since switching to Accredible, Digital Marketing Institute has saved more than 90 hours of employee time.


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