Dedicated to bridging the tech skills gap, Code Institute is Europe’s only universally accredited coding bootcamp. Their graduates go on to work for Apple, IBM, Accenture and many other household names, demonstrating the industry validation that runs alongside their official accreditation.

What makes Code Institute successful is that their programmes are extremely practical, hands-on courses, delivered by industry experts. Students learn through a series of immersive projects and real-world applications, supported by high quality online tutorials, mentors, webinars and workshops.

Code Institute has adopted Accredible to deliver digital certificates to graduates of their accredited courses. They’re creating a global standard for technical education and protecting the integrity of their programs is an important concern.

“Our accredited diplomas carry a lot of career value so it’s essential that we deliver a secure, verifiable certificate to everyone who graduates from our programs. Our graduates have benefitted from the increased exposure their digital credentials provide and we’re happy to be working alongside a leader in this space. ” – Jim Cassidy, CEO at Code Institute.
Code Institute digital certificate example.
“Code Institute are one of the most prestigious and successful bootcamps in the world. We’re honoured that they’ve chosen to deliver their high quality, accredited certificates using our platform.” – Alan Heppenstall, CTO of Accredible.


Accredible is an industry-leading digital credentialing platform which allows users to securely issue, manage, track, and verify their certificates and badges. Its platform is used by over 400 organizations worldwide, including Berklee, Kaplan University, and Google. More than 1,000,000 students have received certificates, badges or blockchain credentials through their platform.


Europe’s only university accredited coding bootcamp – Code Institute specialises in producing job-ready software developers. Its goal; to directly address the drastic shortage of qualified coders and software developers. With accelerated coding bootcamps they teach students the skills to gain an entry level software development jobs. Code Institute also works closely with an Industry Advisory Council, made up of multinational companies such as Paypal and Accenture, who ensure that the course content is relevant to the current job markets.