Accredible - Certificates and Badges

Open Badges 2.0

We’re Open Badges 2.0 compliant!

All the badges you create and deliver via Accredible are compatible with platforms that are compliant with the Open Badge 1.0 or Open Badges 2.0 specification.

Open Badges 2.0 greatly surpasses the previous badge specification by ensuring recipient control of credentials, demonstrating rigor of achievement, and guaranteeing that learners are able to display their badges on and share their badges from any compatible platform.

Data Privacy, Security & GDPR

We’ve been spending the past six months ensuring that Accredible is ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We offer a Data Processing Agreement that you can opt into. DPAs include standard contractual clauses (“Model Clauses”) that are the mechanism for GDPR-compliant data transfer. The DPA includes all the information on:
– What we do to protect your data.
– What we’re allowed to do with your data.
– Who we share your data with to provide our service (e.g. our hosting provider).

Read the DPA here:
Agree to the DPA here:

We’ve appointed a Data Protection Officer, who can be reached at

Read our Help section on GDPR for more information:

Please direct any questions to

Copy Group & Default Designs

We are still improving the Accredible platform to ease your workflow:

1. You can Clone a Group to save time setting up a new badge or certificate.

2. Setting a default certificate or badge design means that you can add new Groups via Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace or your own integration and start delivering credentials with no setup.

Visit Groups to try out the clone feature and Default Group Settings to choose a default certificate and badge design for newly created Groups.

Easier Workflow: Default Group Settings

We are constantly improving the Accredible platform to ease your workflow. Today we’re excited to announce our latest feature: Default Group Settings.

Head over to Groups and click Default Group Settings to set the defaults you’d like for any new Groups that are created, including:

– Language
– Credential privacy
– Brand
– Email options and Templates
– and more!

Now, when creating a New Group, all these settings are already in place!

Brightspace & Accredible Integration

Over 15,000,000 students use D2Ls Brightspace LMS in higher education, K-12 and the enterprise sector (including the Fortune 1000).

We’re excited to announce our integration with Brightspace. Our integration will:
– Let you add a module or submodule to any course where Brightspace students can receive and view their badge or certificate.
– Teachers within a course may click the module to update the badge or certificate settings.
– Automatically sync your Brightspace course information when the item has been added with Accredible.
– Automatically create certificates or badges when a student clicks the module.
– Automatically authorize your Brightspace students to update and interact with their certificates and badges.

View the Brightspace Certificates & Badges integration on AppFinder.


We’re excited to announce the launch of our new product – Spotlight. Spotlight makes it easy for your create a data rich, searchable directory of all your alumni; like your own, branded LinkedIn.

  • Own and brand the professional hub for your industry.
  • Increase the employment rates of your alumni.
  • Gain insights on your alumni and what happens to them after your program.

“We’re on a mission to educate the next generation of social media pros with Hootsuite Academy. As a key pillar of our Academy strategy, The Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory gives organizations large and small a powerful tool to find the right people.” – Hootsuite

To learn more about Spotlight head over to:

Book a demo with our team and purchase before the end of March to receive a 20% discount.

Better Value Pricing

What is the pricing change?
We’re offering more for your money by switching our per-credential pricing to be per-recipient instead. That means you can issue as many certificates and badges to each of your individual participants as you’d like without having to pay more. We charge based on the number of unique recipients you issue to.

Why are you making a pricing change?
By charging per credential we were limiting how you were able to use badges and certificates. We want to support micro-credentialing and provide more freedom in how you use our platform.

Give me an example
Sure! Let’s say you’re on our smallest plan and had an allowance of 200 credentials per year. Previously you could only issue 200 certificates and badges. Now you may issue as many certificates or badges as you like to 200 unique people per year. You may issue those 200 recipients two badges/certificates (or more) giving you 400 credentials without having to upgrade your plan.

For full pricing information and to find out more visit