Case Study – Scality

Scality Paper Certificates Transition

Accredible enabled Scality to implement a digital credentialing solution that not only automated a cumbersome manual issuing process, but allowed them to come across professionally and live up to the high standards their students were accustomed to.

Before Accredible:
Scality’s small Strategic Alliances team was being bogged down by the logistics of issuing paper certificates while trying to focus on growing their training programs. The 30-day lag time between course completion and receiving your certificate was not conveying the professionalism of their high-stakes professional training.

After Accredible:
In just one afternoon, Scality was set up issuing digital certificates to their trainees, which have become very popular with their training partners, and most importantly, has their process “running on auto-pilot”.

Download the case study to learn more about how Scality was able to automate a cumbersome manual process with Accredible: Accredible Case Study – Scality


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