What is the pricing change?

We’re offering more for your money by switching our per-credential pricing to be per-recipient instead. That means you can issue as many certificates and badges to each of your individual participants as you’d like without having to pay more. We charge based on the number of unique recipients you issue to.

Why are you making a pricing change?

By charging per credential we were limiting how you were able to use badges and certificates. We want to support micro-credentialing and provide more freedom in how you use our platform.

Give me an example

Sure! Let’s say you’re on our smallest plan and had an allowance of 200 credentials per year. Previously you could only issue 200 certificates and badges. Now you may issue as many certificates or badges as you like to 200 unique people per year. You may issue those 200 recipients two badges/certificates (or more) giving you 400 credentials without having to upgrade your plan.

For full pricing information and to find out more visit https://www.accredible.com/pricing/