v1.13.0 – Recipient Verification Directory

We’re very excited to announce our new recipient verification directory! It offers a complete and flexible solution for certificate verification and finding certified professionals.

The directory enables you to: showcase your alumni and let third parties verify the authenticity of a certified individual without the need to call you.

The directory is completely customizable and easy to use:

  • You can choose whether a search is required before displaying certificate recipients.
  • You can choose which fields are shown in the results table.
  • You can choose which fields are used in the search form.
  • You can choose which groups (courses) are hidden from the directory. 
  • You’re able to easily customize the appearance.
  • It’s easy to embed the directory in your website.

Want to learn how to activate and use your directory? Click here.

v1.12.0 – LinkedIn Update

LinkedIn recently announced a change to their Add to Profile feature where certificate recipients are able to add their certificates to their profiles with one click. This announcement removes the feature and requires the recipient to manually enter the certificate information. With their new interface there is no way to auto-fill certificate information. You can find out more here: https://addtoprofile.linkedin.com/

This update has been propagating gradually to LinkedIn users over the past few weeks as they release their new interface.

We’ve released an update to Accredible which helps recipients with this change. We’ve added an easy set of instructions and a simple interface for them to copy and paste their information to LinkedIn. In addition we have one click social sharing on over 200 platforms, including LinkedIn.

Here’s our video guide: https://youtu.be/9nplUsUO0z4

v1.11.0 – Attributes

Custom Attributes now have been separated from Certificate Designs. This means that getting data into Accredible and managing your data is much easier.

Previously the Certificate Design dictated the fields available when creating Credentials – So the [attributes] you added to a Certificate Design would then show when creating credentials.

Now all Custom Attributes are available throughout the platform. Regardless of Certificate Design, Group etc. This is much closer to a standard “mail-merge” feature.

You can manage your Custom Attributes on the settings page. For example, you may add the following Attributes to your account:

* Partner Name – text
* Partner Logo – image
* Practical Exam Date – date

These new custom attributes will now be available to you whenever you add Credentials, regardless of the group. They are also available on the Certificate Design in an easy selection interface.

When should I use a Digital Certificate and Digital Badge?

Credentials are changing. The advent of digital credentials promise automation, verification, security and cost savings but the new paradigms can be a stark change from the traditional paper-based model. In this guide, we’ll help you to understand what the digital credentialing options are and when it’s appropriate to use them.

Digital Certificates and Digital Badges

Digital credentials come in two forms: digital certificates and digital badges.

Digital Certificates are very similar to a paper certificate and look visually the same. They are available at a unique web link (URL) that can be viewed like paper. They allow for additional information such as a transcript, work sample or reference to be attached.

Digital Badges are similar in appearance to a physical badge or medal. They usually follow the Open Badge standard so that they can be used by different software platforms.



Perceptions, Function and Form

Credentials are the main outcome that third parties see from achievements and so it’s very important that they represent the outcomes appropriately and communicate as much as possible as quickly as possible.

One reason for using these two formats for different achievements (courses, events, memberships, accreditations) is that they have different perceptions for people viewing them. It’s expected to receive a certificate for something like a university degree but a badge for completing a module in an online course.

The two formats act differently for their recipients. An Open Badge is focused on a small visual representation of an achievement that can be easily embedded in different places. A digital certificate is focused on clearly communicating the achievement in a recognized format.



To make it easy to know when it’s appropriate to use each format we’ve put together some guidelines based on what most credential issuers are doing today, what recipients expect and what is simple for third party viewers to understand.


Use a Digital Certificate when:

  1. Your achievement takes a long time to complete. For example: a course that takes more than 40 hours to complete.
  2. Assessment of the achievement is formal (summative). For example: a course that has a proctored and assessed examination.
  3. The achievement is ‘high stakes’. For example: membership of a professional association that’s required to work in that particular domain.
  4. Employers are likely to view the achievement. For example: professional certification of a skill.


Use a Digital Badge when:

  1. Your achievement doesn’t take too long to complete. For example: an online course that takes 2 hours to complete.
  2. Assessment of the achievement is informal (formative). For example: a course with an unmarked quiz.
  3. The achievement is ‘low stakes’. For example: attending a conference.
  4. Recipients complete many achievements of a similar type. For example: a set of modules within a university degree.


Using Accredible you are able to create, deliver and manage credentials that combine both of these formats in a single, convenient package. If you’d like to combine the portability of Open Badges with the recognition of Digital Certificates then we recommend using both of these formats for your credentials.

v1.10.0 – Guides

We’re excited to announce that Accredible is easier to learn!

We’ve added six walkthrough guides and a new help video to teach you how to get started: creating certificates, making a certificate design, branding an email, customizing your social media settings and using badges. You can access the guides at any time on your dashboard https://dashboard.accredible.com/issuer/dashboard/

Marketing Executive, San Francisco

Marketing Executive, San Francisco

Accredible is looking for a Marketing Executive to establish marketing and grow our inbound sales.

Your Role & Responsibilities

Marketing at Accredible is a greenfield opportunity. We’re looking for a passionate, hardworking and conscientious marketer to grow our nascent marketing function.

We’re looking for you to:

  • Learn about our customers. Get comfortable with how they find us, what their needs are and how to best communicate with them.
  • Set marketing strategy. Take a leadership role in deciding how we should market and where we should spend time and money.
  • Experiment. It will take time to see which marketing channels perform best and we’d love to work with you in figuring those out. We’d like you to plan experiments, try things out and use results to decide if we should invest more time and money into a channel.
  • Implement. To begin with you’ll need to be able to implement the strategies you devise. You’ll have a budget to work with consultants, freelancers and a close-knit team to help but you’ll still need to get involved with implementation.

We’d like you to:

  • Be autonomous. You’ll be given a lot of freedom to choose and work as you see best. We don’t like operational oversight and prefer to trust our team.
  • Be thoughtful. We’d love for you to learn about our customers, recognize the segmented and diverse nature of the market and strategize accordingly. We believe that empathetic, targeted marketing will be more effective than broad strokes.
  • Be hard working. There’s a broad scope in this role and we expect that there will be many balls to juggle and lots of areas of responsibility.
  • Have some marketing experience. We’re flexible about how experience is gained and what that experience might be.

Compensation & Benefits

We’d like to offer you:

  • $60,000 – $80,000 salary + equity, depending on experience.
  • Flexible hours.
  • A generous health care plan.
  • A close, dedicated startup team who are passionate about improving the education system and who are backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital investors.
  • 4 hours per week (paid) to spend learning anything you like, even if it’s not related to your role, plus a budget to spend on learning materials. We love education and we believe in nurturing your growth!
  • A promise to invest in your growth personally and professionally. Wherever you’d like to go and whatever you’d like to do we’ll be there to support you.


v1.8.0 – Portrait Certificates and International Paper Sizes

More news from the Accredible Product Team!

We’ve got another update for your digital credentials!Now you can make your certificates portrait in orientation and select different paper sizes. We’ve added some templates to help you get started. If you previously had a US Letter size template and always wanted an A4 template, you can finally make the switch, and the update should take no time at all.

Watch the video to see all the changes to the Design Editor https://youtu.be/DF_kULeaKL8

v1.7.2 – Canvas Integration & Customizing your Recipient Experience

Great news from the Accredible Team,

We have a new Canvas LMS integration which you can use to automatically sync course data and generate credentials: https://www.eduappcenter.com/apps/652

In addition, you can now customize your recipient experience:

  • Change which features are visible to people viewing your certificates and badges.
  • Disable features that you don’t want recipients to use.

Here’s our video walking you through how to update the recipient experience: https://youtu.be/1LwYK_CdA00

Front-End Developer, Cambridge, UK

Front-End Developer, Cambridge, UK

Accredible is looking for a Front-End Engineer to take our product to the next level at a new Cambridge office.

Your Role

Use your extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to improve Accredible, a complex in-browser application relied upon by 300,000+ users. You will work with new frameworks, manage an adaptable code base and delight people by making the best software we can imagine. You’ll work with a dynamic and talented team with direct access to the CTO, our main designer and our backend engineer. This position reports directly to the CTO. Our current tech stack is AngularJS, with Sass for styles, NPM for package management and build management.

We need a talented engineer to join our team and work primarily on our core product at accredible.com. We’d love for you to get involved in other technical arenas in the company and there’s room for growth in almost every professional area.

Your Responsibilities

  • You’ll collaborate with Backend Engineering to build new features for our large-and-growing user base.
  • You’ll brainstorm with our team to conceptualize new features and improvements.
  • You’ll learn about new web technologies and discuss potential solutions to problems.
  • You’ll help our support team triage bugs and troubleshoot production issues.
  • You’ll have direct input on the product direction and the company’s strategy.


  • Experience writing client-side JavaScript or considerable project experience.
  • Expertise in building complex layouts with CSS and HTML.
  • Experience building and debugging complex systems in a team environment.
  • Experience with modern browser technologies.
  • Good UX and design sensibilities, and a desire to sweat the small stuff.
  • Good communication skills, a positive attitude, and empathy.
  • Self-­awareness and a desire to continually improve.

Bonus Points

  • Comfortable moving around the stack.
  • Experience in small start­up environments.
  • Academic background in computer science (BSc or MSc).
  • Experience with AngularJS and Sass.
  • Experience designing web sites or applications.
  • Experience investigating and improving JavaScript performance.
  • Experience with AWS architecture or Nginx server configuration.

Compensation and Benefits

  • £25,000 – £35,000 salary + equity, depending on experience.
  • Flexible hours.
  • A close, dedicated startup team who are passionate about improving the education system and who are backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital investors.
  • 4 hours per week (paid) to spend learning anything you like, even if it’s not related to your role, plus a budget to spend on learning materials. We love education and we believe in nurturing your growth!

Sales Development Representative, San Francisco, California

Sales Development Representative, San Francisco, California

Accredible is looking for two Sales Development Representatives to work closely with the CEO to expand our customer base.

Entry level, with commission and base salary dependent on prior experience (San Francisco, CA).

Your Role

It’s time to take Accredible’s sales process to the next level. Our revenues have been doubling quarter on quarter for the last year using an in-house highly automated outbound B2B email sales process and it’s now time for us to take that to the next level by bringing in new sales people to pitch, sell and close customers.

We have an excellent prospecting process that has given us a solid understanding of our market and an incredibly comprehensive list of potential customers. It is now time to focus on the high value, high touch prospects that only a dedicated sales team can focus on.

You will be joining the company at the start of a major growth phase, joining the team that will have one of the largest impacts on the company’s success and growth rate.

Your Responsibilities

  • Be a key player in processing and responding to all inbound leads and conduct information gathering to pre-qualify results through phone, email & social media efforts.
  • Identify & research prospects.
  • Outbound emails and phone calls to qualify & pitch prospects.
  • Product demos to close leads.
  • Contribute to achieving company revenue targets by conducting solution-oriented sales conversations with prospective customers
  • Understand customers’ needs & effectively communicate how Accredible will meet them
  • Document all activity including use cases, timeframes, next steps in Salesforce.
  • Proficiency with LinkedIn and other prospecting tools.

What We’re Looking For

  • One year of software sales and/or customer support experience preferred.
  • Prior experience with Salesforce or a similar CRM system

  • Comfortable with outbound telesales and leads generation follow-up.
  • Strong computer and software application skills.
  • Proven, measurable success in a team environment generating, evolving and closing raw leads within a revenue pipeline. You should be at ease meeting quotas.
  • Highly professional in tone and physical presence — whether through written, spoken, phone, or video conferencing mediums.
  • You work well and truly thrive within a swiftly evolving team environment.
  • Are genuinely sociable and compassionate.
  • College graduate or in possession of a high school diploma. We’re more focused on your intelligence, ability to learn and execute, ingenuity and ability to sell — not so much on the degrees you may (or may not) carry.
  • Must be able to easily commute to San Francisco daily during the work week.

Compensation and Benefits

  • $60k salary + generous commission.
  • Flexible hours.
  • A close, dedicated startup team who are passionate about improving the education system and who are backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital investors.
  • 4 hours per week (paid) to spend learning anything you like, even if it’s not related to your role, plus a budget to spend on learning materials. We love education and we believe in nurturing your growth!