Badgr vs Accredible for Badges

Looking for an alternative to Badgr?

You’ve come to the right place. There’s a better way to design, create and deliver badges.

Industry-leading organizations have already issued over 1M credentials

1. Centralized

Badges, Certificates and Blockchain

Don't waste time on multiple solutions for credentialing. Design, create and manage all your badges, certificates and blockchain records in one place.

Keep things simple for your students and for your team.

2. Scalable

Enterprise Ready & Scalable

Accredible has created and delivered millions of digital badges and certificates. We work with the worlds best brands and have a track record of scaling to meet our customer needs.

Whether you need a custom SLA, world class security, compliance, German standard data privacy protection we've got an off the shelf solution that should fit.

3. Visual

World Class Design Tools

Our visual, drag and drop badge and certificate editors are used by thousands of organizations to create and brand their badges and certificates.

Don't hassle your design team for minor updates. Upload your own images, choose exactly where elements are placed and properly represent your brand.

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4. Automated

Scale your Programs

Dynamically insert data onto your certificates and badges so you can re-use designs and emails. It's like mail-merge for your badges.

Automatically create and deliver stacked credentials for those with multiple achievements.

Use single sign on (SSO), our integrations and API to fully automate your badge creation and delivery.

5. Localized

Support Multiple Languages

We have native support for many left to right and right to left languages.

Send localized notifications, display a localized user interface and ensure all communication is set to the language your students prefer.

All our translation is performed by professional translators and is peer reviewed by humans too!

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