Everything you need to deliver world-class Credentials

Accredible is a Start-to-Finish solution for Issuing and Managing Certificates.


View, Update, Revoke Credentials

Update the status and data of your credentials at any time - even after issuing.

Automatic Expiration

Set expiry dates and credentials will become invalid -but still visible- on the date you set.

Certification Renewal

Renew expired credentials in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet with new expiry dates.

Program Stackable Credentials

Automatically issue Stacked credentials when a recipient receives a set of prerequisite credentials.

Export Your Data

Backup your data at any time by exporting a CSV of all the credential data on Accredible.

Custom Certificate Designs

Create unlimited designs with your organization’s branding.

Email Templates

Customize email copy and appearance for nearly every email we send recipients.

Spreadsheet Upload

Create thousands of credentials in just minutes by uploading a spreadsheet of your data.

Team Members

Add accounts to allow others to help update your groups, designs, and create credentials.

Dynamic Design Data

Your certificate designs update automatically with data like ‘Recipient Name’ and ‘Issue Date’ saving you hours of work.

Multiple Brands

Set up brands for segments of your credentialing program that have different identities.

Automated Typo Correction

Recipients can fix 1 or 2 character name misspellings, saving your time. Turn this off for full control.


Custom Appearance

Use a certificate design, a badge design, or both - you have complete control over the appearance.

1-Click Sharing

Credential recipients can share to 100s of social platforms in 1-click.

Multi-language Support

Credential interactions are supported in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Customize Recipient Features

Features like ‘Request a Name Change’ can be toggled On and Off to control your recipient's experience.

Social Media White-Labelling

Customize default social sharing messages for better brand exposure.

Export to PDF

Recipients can save a PDF copy of digital certificates at any time for archiving or printing.

Embed in Email Signatures

Recipients can add their certificates and badges to their email signature for greater visibility.

Embeddable on Websites

Recipients can embed a live version of their digital credential onto a personal website.

Blockchain Security

Blockchain secured credentials are incredibly secure, and their information can’t be faked.

HQ Print PDF

High quality print PDFs are supported, giving recipients access to a beautiful printed copy on demand.

Single Sign on

SSO available via integrations, our API and SAML 2.0.


Social Media Analytics

See how often your credentials are being shared and on which platforms.

Engagement and Views

Track the average number of views and level of engagement with your credentials over time to see trends.

Referral Traffic

See how much traffic is coming to your site as a result of your digital credentials.

Events Logging

Logging of 11 credential interactions allows you to drill down and see how the credentials are being used.

Analytics Export

Export a CSV for any time period of the events log as a backup, or to supplement your other data.


LMS Plugins

Off-the-shelf integrations with Moodle, Canvas, Thinkific, and xAPI to add onto your existing learning program.


Add Accredible to your Zapier, Ruby, or PHP workflow with ease.

API Access

Incorporate Accedible into your workflow in any way you want, with our full-featured API.